Video: Asymmetrical SUP Surfing

I was down at the Santa Cruz Paddlefest, doing my usual gear-geek drool inspection of the riders equipment when I came across a board that looked magic. I’d seen it before in a heat, and its shaper, Dave Boehne, looked magic surfing it. What I hadn’t noticed before was the board’s unusual asymmetrical tail. I was intrigued and decided to research some asymmetrical SUP.

I’ll share more of that research with you as I delve deeper, but for now, here’s the first video I found. It has the worst soundtrack. Ever. It’s frigging torture. But the surfing from grom Noah Yap is good, especially considering that he’s fully exploded into a full-size human since this edit came out. And the edit provides a solid example of asymmetrical SUP. Just not quite as good as Dave Boehne’s.

Do yourself a favor: click mute and fast forward to :56.