Video | Bernd Roediger | November Sessions on Maui

Yellow is a great color on Maui poster child of professional SUP and wind surfing, Bernd Roediger. Which is convenient, considering his recent signing with new sponsor, Naish, will have him pushing mustard colored shred sticks into the bright and unforeseeable future. Bernd—a token presence on the Standup World Tour, an equally impressive windsurfer and SUP surfer, and (let’s just call a spade a spade) heart throb for a healthy collection of teenage girls—is charging as hard as ever, and his future is promising. Especially now that he’s got Robby Naish under his feet. Check out this short from Bernd’s November sessions on Maui and watch for big things to come from this long-haired Maui man.

Video by Fishbowl Diaries.

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