Video | Caio Vaz’s Wave of the Winter at Desert Point

Surfline’s Wave of the Winter award is among the most prestigious single accolades in surfing. Every year, guys go bigger than they normally would, take off steeper and deeper than most consider sane and get barrelled beyond belief so they can submit the footage of their best wave for a chance to claim the undisputed wave of the winter. It lifts the bar on progressive surfing to say the least.

World Champion SUP surfer Caio Vaz is also a bar lifter, though he’s typically seen doing so in the context of standup paddling. Who knew, he’s actually an incredible regular surfer, too? Here’s Vaz in his element but out of his niche, getting ridiculously shacked by one of the most hallowed of Indonesia’s hollow waves, Desert Point, for his wave of the winter without a paddle.

Now blow your mind on Caio Vaz’s SUP surfing.

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