Video | Chattajack 2015 | The Longest SUP Race On Earth

Basic arithmetic shows there are three feet in a yard and 100 yards in an NFL football field. More complex basic arithmetic shows that a mile is 5,280 feet long, which translates to 1,760 yards, which equates to 17.6 NFL football fields. Even more complex basic arithmetic (might wanna break out that Texas Instrument you cheated your way through Algebra 101 with) and you’ll find that, with 17.6 football fields in a mile and 31 miles in the 2015 Chattajack River Race, racers in this tortuous Tennessee event paddled the distance of more than 528 football fields end-to-end to complete the race, which you may have guessed, is longest paddling race on earth. Think you got what it takes to cross that finish line? Better put down your Texas Instrument and start training; there’s not a calculator in the world that’ll help you cheat this test.

As grueling as this race may seem, it’s also a festive and fun-filled celebration of SUP and paddling culture. In this recently released video from the 2015 event, we join more than 300 happy paddlers as they launch from the tiny town of Chattanooga on Tennessee River Gorge and flock downriver to Hales Bar Marina for one spectacular showing of paddling prowess and a celebratory SUP extravaganza. Ready, hike!

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