Circumnavigating the Party Capitol of the World | Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain—party capitol of the universe. Ibiza’s reputation for wild (night) life lures party animals from all corners of the globe, and while the island is riddled with natural beauty and abundant outdoor offerings, the vast majority of Ibiza’s tourists go for the unchi-unchi music, rave lights, sleepless nights and the intrinsic debauchery of a vacation revolving around the boogie.

But leave it to paddleboarders to seek, and find, a more profound, less intoxicated experience at the White Island. In this video short, filmmaker Benjamin Sadd teamed up with paddlers Kiko Matthews, Charlie Head and Will Rogers to circumnavigate Ibiza and discover a slew of natural wonders few visitors of Ibiza will ever venture to see. The adventure led them to camp on cliff tops, in caves and on small, uninhabited islands that surround Ibiza. Their experience was a far cry from the traditional Ibiza getaway, though we wouldn’t be surprised to find that they stopped off for a drink and a boogie somewhere along the way.

Another Mediterranean SUP adventure.

A whole other style of circumnavigation