Deep Down In Egypt—A Documentary

A Family SUP Adventure With An Environmental Purpose

Safe to say, Carine Camboulives and Manu Bouvet are not your average parents. Both thoroughbred water people and professional standup paddlers based in Maui, the duo raises their daughters—nine-year-old Lou and three-year-old Shadé—to pursue a definition of success unrelated to financial prosperity or social regard. Rather, Lou and Shadé are raised to value travel, exploration, adventure and environmental consciousness above money, to define success in terms of life experience, social benevolence and environmental consciousness.

For more than 15 years, Camboulives and Bouvet have been dedicated to seeking out pristine paddling locations and preserving wonders of the natural world. Together with their daughters, they travel the world, paddling and delivering initiatives of environmental consciousness along the way.

In January 2015, Camboulives, Bouvet, Lou and Shadé set off on an adventure to explore Egypt’s waterways and experience its natural and historical marvels by way of SUP. Their journey began in the Red Sea, where the family spent their days paddling, wind surfing and diving among the Red Sea’s stunning marine ecosystem. They also volunteered with the Hourghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA), an organization that protects the Red Sea’s coral reefs from pervasive illegal fishing practices, to help document and expose their efforts.

From the Red Sea, Camboulives and Bouvet and kindred took to the Nile River, where they put in at Aswan and paddled nearly 140 miles to Luxor. As a paddling destination, the Nile spans the gamut of appeals, offering ancient historical sites, unique landscapes and cultures, hospitable locals and endless opportunity to help educate communities about environmental concerns. The family seized opportunities in all those offerings, visiting ancient temples, sleeping in local households, eating home cooked meals, enjoying the many sites while paddling and visiting schools along the way to educate children about environmental issues impacting their communities.

Deep Down in Egypt—the documentary produced from Camboulives and Bouvet’s Egyptian adventure—depicts a noble example of gritty immersion, returning their invitation with a symbiotic form of cultural engagement that standup paddling can provide. While some might prefer traveling where SUP takes place in the confines of luxury resorts, shielded from the realities of the world, for others who endeavor to experience in those realities, pretty or hideous as they may be, SUP is a traveling tool that gifts an experience like none other. As Deep Down in Egypt goes to show, the pursuit of travel and paddle is as great as you want it to be. The same might be said for the pursuit of success.—Mike Misselwitz

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