Video |  Dolphin Love

At SUP the Mag, we love animal videos as much as anybody. Except instead of adorable kittens playing with yarn, we prefer the wonders of marine life. Thanks to adventurous paddleboarders throughout the world, there are more great videos of our aquatic friends than ever before. So today we proudly present to you, a pod of dolphins doin’ the deed. Yep, you read that right.

This past weekend, a (lucky?) paddleboarder off the coast of Stone Harbor, New Jersey came across several dolphins in the middle of love-making. So did he give them privacy for their intimate moment? Not exactly. He pulled out his camera and shot this video for the internet to enjoy. But the dolphins don’t seem to mind; actually they appear to be showing off.  Perhaps they’re exhibitionists.

Fair warning: be careful at home, this video is rated R for mature paddleboarders only.

More dolphins (less love).