Video | Maliko Run Downwinder | Jeremy Riggs and Friends

Downwinding—the act of paddling a narrow board in white-capping water, harnessing the wind at one’s back and gliding between rolling wind swells coming from all angles—is no easy feat for most paddlers. Even the most skilled surfers and river SUP experts can be amateurs. Even the fastest flatwater paddlers can lose races to guys who understand bumps in the wind. But, judging from this video of longtime Maui paddler Jeremy Riggs and friends downwinding Maui’s famed Maliko Run, you wouldn’t think it’s challenging at all. Jeremy’s been doing this run for decades, and in doing so he’s adopted textbook skills with the wind at his back. Minimal effort, maximum glide—that’s the goal, and man, do these guys make it look fun. Watch, learn, then go out there and catch some bumps of your own.

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