Video | Dreamy SUP on Fraser Island

Fraser Island, located in southern Queensland, Australia, is one of those dreamy locales with great waves, sunny weather and scenic views galore, the type of destination we’d typically recommend for a paddling vacation. It also happens to be one of the few places where the shark yarns are actually true. Tiger and bull sharks are commonly sighted around Fraser Island, though locals attest there’s plenty of food to keep them preoccupied. A bluefish breeding zone sits just offshore the northern end of the island, and when the tailor are running, the sharks are out in droves. Not the best time to be out in the water. That unfortunately takes up most of the winter months, which also happen to be when the surf is pumping.

All that fear mongering beside, this video speaks to all the reasons why we still recommend Fraser Island as a SUP destination. It’s a spectacular place you’d surely love to see. Just know you’ll be seeing it in the company of some pretty gnarly predators. And on the flip side, Fraser Island is one place where the local surfers welcome visitors. As one of a small handful of local surfer’s put it, it’s best “with a couple guys in the water to lower the odds.”

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