Video | A Couple and Cows | Heavenly SUP Surf Sessions In Spain

Cantabria is a sparsely populated, quiet and quaint, utterly beautiful little region in Northern Spain. It showcases the supremely stunning country scenery the region is renowned for, with a population of cows possibly greater than the its population of humans. Beyond the land, far more fun, friendly empty waves grace the Spanish shoreline than there are of surfers who ride them. For travel fanatics and insatiable SUP surfers, Cantabria is a dreamy little slice of Spanish heaven.

Here, the traveling couple, Stephane Etienne and Nicole Boronat—both talented SUP surfers with a knack for exploration and a tendency toward wanderlust—find themselves enraptured in the heavenly Basque Country setting. Surely you would be too. Enjoy it vicariously here until you get there yourself.

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