Video | Whitewater Park SUP Slalom | Pau Pyrérénées Stadium, France

Is it just us, or has there been a noticeable influx of content coming from man-made SUP sector? A new whitewater park being built in Bend, Oregon. A revolutionary new artificial wave endorsed by Kelly Slater with potential to completely change surfing as we know it forever. And here, an edit of whitewater SUP slalom from France’s Pau Pyrérénées Stadium…there’s definitely a trend going on here.

So, what does it all mean? Is the future of standup paddling going to find us indoors, in a souped-up swimming pool open exclusively to members only? Is there even space for all these man-made mocks of our favorite natural features in the SUP world? Will artificial anything ever be as awesome as the arenas supplied by Mother Nature? Our guess: No. Heck no. But that doesn’t mean we won’t rip the heck out of any one of these water parks when the opportunity arises. And opportunity appears to be presenting itself more and more.

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