Video | Island Hopping Part 1| Kai Bates and Friends

If you haven’t checked in with the state of professional SUP surfing lately, this edit will bring you up to speed. It’s a fine display of where we stand progression-wise in 2015. If your reaction is, “Holy s**t, they’re doing that on SUP these days?!” the answer is, yes. Hell yes. And chances are, with the rapid rate of progression we’re seeing among today’s top athletes, plenty of new feats have been conquered since the release of this edit (Hence the “Part 1” in the title…the sequel promises to be even more impressive).

This craftfully cut edit by Forrest Ladkin, personal filmer for Kai Bates and a handful of other young surfers on the Standup World Tour, includes footage from Oahu, Maui and Sumbawa, Indonesia, with SUP surfers the likes of Bates, Bernd Roediger, Giorgio Gomez, the Vaz brothers and a slew of other shredders from the big happy family of SUP surfing’s elite. It’s supported by Ladkin’s family shop, Natural Necessity Surf Shop, and it’s a perfect example of the type of edit we hope to see much more of as SUP’s niche in surfing continues to spread, prosper and evolve.

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