Video | Izzi Gomez shreds Tahiti

Teenage SUP shredder  Izzi Gomez, a Jupiter, Florida native turned Southern California transplant, is growing up, fast. Her style has always been diverse, creative, gutsy and eclectic, but much like a fine wine (yes, 2-Buck Chuck qualifies…we’re hardly wine-snobs at SUP the mag), Izzi’s surfing gets bolder, fuller, more powerful and more captivating with age. And, as she displays here amongst a dreamy Tahitian backdrop, her abilities are hardly confined by the paddle. Not only does Izzi rip a SUP as well as any female in the world (as proven by her 2014 Standup World Tour Champion title) she shreds a shortboard better than most grown men. So sit back, relax, take notes, envy, enjoy…do as you will. Then book the next flight to Tahiti and don’t forget your paddle.

Watch Izzi in action on the North Shore.

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