Surfin’ the Hills with Laurent – Loaded BoardsWhen the waves are looking flat, Laurent Perigault goes land-surfin’!Setup: Loaded Tesseract, Paris trucks, Orangatang Morongas (72.5mm, 80a)Loaded Boards | Orangatang Wheels#loadedboard #loadedtesseract #tesseract #orangatang #orangatangwheels #orangatangmoronga #moronga

Posted by Loaded Boards on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

If you haven’t picked up on land paddling yet, this should impress and allure you. Land paddling’s the street version of SUP, and judging from this edit, it’s progressing almost as fast. No waves today? Swap the SUP for a longboard (like the Loaded boards you see here) and trade your paddle for a large staff (like the Kahuna Stick here) and you’re good to go. Take it on flat ground for an experience similar to urban flatwater paddling, or downhill for more adrenaline-fueled action. Comparing it to SUP: The steeper the hill, the bigger the wave.

Laurent Perigualt is an aficionado of surfing, SUP, downhill skating and land paddling. Here, he takes his uncanny skills to the hill at Black’s Beach, California. This hill is notorious in the downhill scene—kinda like the Teahupo’o of downhill.