Video | Luke Hopkins | Surfing Perfect Skookumchuck

Skookumchuck. To the unacquainted, the name probably compels visions of a Dr. Seuss character or something. But for those privy to the phenomenon these three funky syllables represents--the narrows at the mouth of the Sechelt Inlet on the remote Sunshine Coast of British Columbia--their utterance compels visions of a legendary paddler’s wonderland. With the turn of every tide, water rushes through the Skookumchuck narrows to create a standing wave feature unlike any other wave, rapid or bore in the world. That feature is the gold at the end of the rainbow, the final destination of a paddler’s dream pilgrimage.

Recently, river SUP hellman Luke Hopkins ventured the long and windy pilgrimage to Skook hoping to meet a massive tide swing at the narrows. And boy, oh boy, did he score. The above footage features clips from a single ride that lasted more than 15-minutes amid some of the best conditions Skookumchuck has to offer.

Ready to make the trek to Skook? Better study up on how to surf tidal rapids.