Video | Killer Whale Stalks Standup Paddler

Standup paddling is one of the great ways to get up-close-and-personal with wildlife. But what happens when that wildlife decides up-close-and-personal isn’t up-close-and-personal enough? What happens when the animal you’re stealthily pursuing by SUP decides its his turn to play the pursuer?

Lukas Reilly was out for just another pleasant afternoon paddle when a full-grown Orca rose from the depths just beneath his board. At first sight—thanks to the stereotypes and stigmas associated with the mammal’s moniker alone, “Killer Whale”—the common assumption among viewers is probably something like, “Woah…This dude’s about to get munched.” Watching the giant whale (actually a dolphin) chase Reilly down and nibble on his board, doesn’t exactly assuage our anxiety…

What happens next? See for yourself.

Another unbelievable Orca encounter.

Ever seen a dolphin body-slam a SUP surfer? Now’s your chance!