Video | Pe’ahi Challenge Afterparty | Big-Wave SUP Session

In case you missed it, the world of competitive big-wave surfing took a big leap forward this past weekend with the Pe'ahi Challenge. The first-ever paddle-in surfing contest took place at Jaws, aka Pe’ahi on Maui’s northern coast, this past Sunday, and saw 4X Standup World Tour champ Kai Lenny compete against the world’s best big-wave chargers among truly epic conditions. But the feast didn’t end there; the hyperactive Pacific continues to send swell to Pe’ahi and the awe-inspiring rides have yet to cease.

We don’t always emphasize the alternate endeavors of our SUP’s athletes, but truth be told, many of standup’s greatest professionals are versatile watermen equally skilled in other ocean sports. Here we see see it all—an awesome display of SUP surfing (see Kai Lenny’s freight train barrel at 2:22) from guys like Lenny and Robby Naish as well as an impressive display of their abilities on kite and windsurfing boards. Make no mistake: we’re here for the SUP, but we may as well enjoy the other attributes of these athletes’ arsenals as they attack these remarkable monsters of Mother Nature.

Take a closer look at the state of big-wave SUP surfing.

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