Video | Puffing Barrels in Puerto Escondido

Here’s an edit from Brazilian SUP surfer Alexandre Takeo that’s aptly titled “Tubos Baforadas,” or in English, “Tube Puffs.” In case that doesn’t make sense to you, here’s a little lesson in surf terminology. You see, in surfing there are barrels (or tubes), and in barrels there is spit (or spray). The spit is actually saltwater mist that plumes out of the end of the barrel due to the immense air pressure that builds up inside. When a barrel nears the end of its life, it spits out a ferocious cloud of spray, and that action is sometimes referred to as “puffing.” To be “puffed” out of a barrel (get blown out with the spray)—as Alexandre Takeo does repeatedly throughout this entire 4:05 edit—is the surfer’s ultimate goal, the holy grail of our pursuits. Particularly in double-overhead, Puerto Escondido meat grinders. Watch, learn and seek.

Class dismissed.

Homework: More SUP tubes.