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Carolina Cup to OluKai Ho’o, ISA Worlds to the Euro Tour—these days, SUP racing is serious business. NO BOP? The world is ending! Connor or Kai for 2015? A death match shall surely pursue. As we paddle our way into the international mainstream, and the competition gets more, well, competitive, it’s nice to be reminded that the very root of our sport—fun—is alive and well and even progressing in itself.

Here, we see the evolution of fun first hand. The Every Man and His Dog contest at Watsons Bay, Sydney,  is a standup paddle-with-your-dog event—possibly the first and only of its kind—and it’s taking the fun-filled craze of doggie-paddling to new heights. The competition is anything but dog-eat-dog. And as champion racer Connor Baxter told us in a recent interview, “It’s all about having fun.”

No matter how big or serious or internationally esteemed the our sport gets, SUP and all of its competitors—Kai Lenny or K9—will never stop having fun.