Red Bull Heavy Water Joins Standup World Series

The mouth of San Francisco Bay is notoriously gnarly. It’s lips are cracked with open ocean swell and lined with cavities and rocks. It breaths Tule fog and sucks defeating tides. Cold. Cold blooded. Unforgiving. These are terms used to describe the banks beneath the Golden Gate. And let’s not forget, some of California’s most reputably heavy shorebreak is just around the corner at Ocean Beach.

This September, Waterman League is taking the Standup World Series straight into The Bay’s teeth with Red Bull Heavy Water.  It’s a brand new race comprised of an “intense 12km course where athletes leave from the notorious Ocean Beach to battle their way in and out of the surf towards the Golden Gate Bridge for the most challenging race the sport has ever seen,” says the event’s website. It also claims the waves will be at least 10 feet (thanks to a September 1-28 waiting period) which if you know Ocean Beach, you know 10 feet there means so chaotic it’s nearly impossible to even make it to the lineup. That said, some of the world’s top athletes (see Kai Lenny, Izzi Gomez and plenty more) are primed to partake, and if the waves are up it’s going to be interestingly dubious. Regardless, it’ll be entertaining.

Check back for more coverage on the Red Bull Heavy Water, coming early September.

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