Video | River Walkers | Dan Gavere and Corran Addison

River season is in full-force and all the best SUP rippers are charging whitewater like it was a corpo Mastercard. We find ourselves smack-dab between two of the biggest river event’s on the calendar. The GoPro Mountain Games went down in epic fashion last weekend in Vail, Colorado, and the Payette River Games—the richest SUP event on the planet—is around the bend on June 19. Amid the chaos of competition, guys like Dan Gavere and Corran Addison are spending their down days doing more of the same—plowing through high-class rapids across the world, and in doing so, rapidly progressing the sport into new realms of legitimacy. Here we find Gavere and Addison on the Hood River, Oregon, strapped with GoPros and running some of the most fun looking whitewater we could dream of. If you’re not sold on whitewater SUP, you will be after watching this. The run at 2:03 alone will make you a believer.

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