Video | Snowy Surf on Lake Superior

With winter upon us, as you grumble about the stiffness of that extra millimeter of neoprene in your wetsuit and curse the necessity of booties, it’s good to be reminded that things could be worse. You could be a Lake Superior paddler.

Lakes aren’t the most likely places to find surfable waves. But when the storms are big enough, Lake Superior defies stereotypes. The waves are modest in size, require the rarest of conditions and don’t show up most days. But it’s enough to feed a small community of diehard paddlers and surfers who brave the snow and sub-par surf for waves that most Southern California surfers wouldn’t get out of bed for. Jared Munch is one of those diehards, if not chief among them; he won a SUP Award this year for being the first paddler to circumnavigate Lake Superior by SUP.

Isn’t it nice to live somewhere warm?

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