Video | Snowy Swedish SUP Sessions | Irde, Sweden

What’s your favorite pastime when the winter temps plunge to -16 degrees Celsius (that’s 3.2 degrees Fahrenheit, aka damn frigid)? Maybe cocoa and malos by the crackling fire? How about whittling wood with grandpa? Or better yet, making “lemonade” snow cones for your little siblings? Point is, while it may not be 96 degrees in the shade, there are plenty of ways to stay occupied through the frozen months. But let’s face it—of all options in winter’s wonderland, chances are, SUP isn’t at the top of your list when it’s cold enough to freeze your boogers out.

…Unless you’re Swedish diehard Fredrik Jelk and company. In this chill inspiring edit, we find Fredrik and friend in Irde, Sweden, where they’re literally breaking ice with their paddles to get on the river. It’s a picturesque scene and a paddling dream (…or nightmare?) for you warm weather warriors, and if you can’t appreciate this, you can at least appreciate that your local SUP spot probably never gets anywhere near this cold.

Now get out there and make some lemonade snow cones.

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