Video | Sunrise Paddle With Humpbacks | New Jersey

When the alarm goes off in the morning, people typically respond in one of two ways. Most people dread the sound of the alarm and hit the snooze button until it breaks. The other option? Take the positive approach and think of the alarm as the start to your next great adventure. Thankfully for paddler Nikolas Pattantyus, he chose the later and started his day with a December sunrise paddle just off the coast of Seven Mile Island in New Jersey.

Next thing he knew, Pattantyus was surrounded by a pod of humpback whales. Being outnumbered by whales is something very few people can say has happened to them, but very few people get up early enough for a sunrise paddle. You never know what unforgettable experience you will have paddleboarding, you just need to get out there and find out.

Another unbelievable whale encounter.

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