Video | SUP Surfing and Drone Shooting | Northland

What do we know about Northland? Well, we know it’s a land of the north. We know it probably lies above Southland and somewhere in between Westland and Eastland. And from this video, we know that it’s home to an epically long, perfectly shaped righthand pointbreak reminiscent of J-Bay, only without all the white shark and Mick Fanning sightings. Beyond that, there’s not much we can tell you about Northland. We don’t know its country, region or geographical coordinates. We don’t even know the name of the break or the surfers who score it in this clip. And that’s OK. We like it that way, and so do the locals who call it their home break. Sometimes things are better left vague, like when you’re summarizing a Vegas trip for the misses or telling your kids about your “university days”. Yeah, spare the details.

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