Video: Tahiti Trance

Two state-of-the-art catamarans, an endless supply of cutting-edge SUP equipment, five world-class SUP surfers, five major tropical archipelagos, infinite outer reefs and meters upon meters of open-ocean groundswell…could we ask for more in a surf trip?

A group of talented Tahitians recently enjoyed the surf trip of our dreams, and documented the adventure to produce one of the best SUP edits we’ve seen to date. Seeing as our upcoming issue will feature the story of our own recent Tahitian adventure, we thought it suitable to share this video with you. Witness as Poenaiki Raioha, Remi Quique, Patrice Chanzy, Aude Lionet Chanfour and Manutea Monnier take their uncanny waterman abilities to one of earth’s most picturesque paddling destinations, and envy as they enjoy superb swell, catamaran comforts and the company of some of the world’s best SUP surfers. Could we ask for more in a surf trip? Not that we can think of…except maybe an invite.