Video: Tree-Barrels and a Tidal Bore

The soundtrack isn’t the greatest. The waves aren’t the biggest. The water is nowhere near crystal clear or even blue in the slightest. Call me a Negative Nancy, but judging by all this, why the heck would I ever click play?

Welp, here are a few good reasons. First, these dudes are surfing a frickin’ tidal bore, an inherently entertaining concept in itself. Second, they’re having as much fun in knee-high crumblers on the River Severn in the UK as Jamie O’Brien (professional stoke-master and all-around barrel hellman) and his crew have Supsquatching 15-foot Makaha on the west side of Oahu. Third, these guys have it--a wave that breaks for farther than the eye can see--all to themselves. And fourth, because Glyn Ovens, the video’s protagonist, gets tree barreled (see 1:40).

If the tree barrel doesn’t sell you, just take our recommendation and click play for a cheeky two-minute break from everything normal, and well, boring.

To see footage of another tidal bore, featuring what’s likely the biggest party wave in history, click here.