Video | Chasing Yachts with Travis Grant

For most athletes, training is the essential way they prepare for their next big competition. No matter the sport, athletes will spend countless hours in the gym to get even the slightest edge over the competition. Professional SUP racer Travis Grant is no exception to this rule, except that his training is a bit more, shall we say, fluid and natural than pumping zee iron.

For Grant, gym time is water time—his barbell a paddle, his treadmill a SUP. His workouts take place in scenic waterways rather than musty weight rooms, a luxury even California’s former governor, aka Terminator, isn’t able to enjoy as an athlete. Here, Grant pumps the paddle with Team NSP in Perth, Australia, and makes catching the wakes of passing yachts look like child’s play. His freakish talent and speed compared to most paddlers (see 1:09 for evidence) is indicative of Grant’s dedication to his version of the weight room—and wow—the life of a gym rat never looked so rewarding!

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