The foiling craze is showing no signs of dissipating, in fact, it’s just getting revved up-literally. While surf and SUP foils have become the obsession of several top paddlers, one company decided to take it one step further. Meet the E-foil.

Above the water, the E-foil looks nearly identical to a foil surfboard. But a peek underwater reveals a small motor attached to the foil wing that propels the craft up to 25 miles an hour. Powered by a lithium battery, riders can race around flatwater with the simple touch of a remote.

We have to admit that it looks fun, but it’ll cost you. To foil around the bay sans effort, you’ll have to pony up $12,000.

Apparently that’s just the price of taking the easy road. For us, we’ll stick with paddling. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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