Inland standup paddlers rejoice, and the videos pour in. Epic March rains from Northern California to the Southeast have brought unusually healthy river flows allowing cold-weather paddlers a chance to cash in. Dane Jackson first carves a few waves on a Surftech B-1 prototype near his home in Rock Island, Tenn., peeling into eddies with the skills that help this 16-year-old phenom land a spot on the junior US Freestyle Kayak Team. Next, Taylor Robertson makes a claim for the "the best wave in California," surfing a rare Sacramento River wave in downtown Redding, Calif., that only appears at flood stage. Another kayak crossover pushing the limits of downriver SUP, Robertson, 31, is a freelance photographer and Legacy Paddlesports rep, who works with Surftech to design boards, like the proto model he's on, geared for river performance. Here the Chico, Calif.-based paddler surfs alongside Shasta Boyz Productions' Shon Bollock, whose POV kayak footage of the "five-year" Redding wave gives you a clear idea of this rare hydraulic feature.

The 5 year wave, Redding California from Shon Bollock on Vimeo.