Whitewater SUP | New York’s Cattaraugus Creek

When it comes to river SUP, the West has a lot to offer. Countless rivers and world-class rapids snake their way through states like Oregon,  Washington, Idaho and Montana. If you’re from there, or you’ve made the pilgrimage never to return, it’s natural for river paddlers to not feel any need to venture elsewhere.

And ironically, paddlers of the eastern states  naturally feel the exact same way…the East may as well be a mirror of the massive network of rivers ideal for standup paddling. A prime example: the 68-mile Cattaraugus Creek in New York. Its fun, yet challenging whitewater runs southwest of Buffalo through the New York backcountry and supplies paddlers with a super fun river to test their skills. Here we see paddlers taking full advantage of their local spot, with a long run down the creek. It just goes to prove that it doesn’t matter where you live, good whitewater paddling can be found almost anywhere.

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