Tuck Fest 2016

Whitewater SUP Spectacular

For those of us that revel in the great outdoors, Tuck Fest is our gathering. The eclectic three-day festival celebrates the outdoor lifestyle with competitions, demos, and live music at the U.S. National Whitewater Center (USNWC) in Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition to whitewater competition, disciplines included everything from trail-running to slacklining. But for river SUP studs such as Mike Tavares, Spencer Lacy and Christian Shaw, Tuck Fest lends an opportunity to establish the ultimate hierarchy of river chargers. In this video from RVR 2 RVR—the new whitewater SUP enterprise created by river stewards Natali Zollinger and Brittany Parker—we see some impressive highlights from the best in whitewater SUP. Whether cranking turns on standing waves or charging through raging rapids down river, these girls give us a glimpse of a competition that truly does river SUP right.

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Standup paddler’s GoPro footage of the whitewater course at the USNWC.

More whitewater SUP action.