At SUP Magazine, we sort through lots of different SUP videos to provide our audience with examples of our sport being performed at the highest levels. But the truth of the matter is, SUP isn’t as easy as these edited clips may lead you to believe. Learning how to clear a rapid, make a drop, or win a race takes lots of skill and plenty of trial and error. But it’s that error part of the equation that we want to focus on here.

This video features a paddle surfer who goes out for a session, but doesn’t find a whole lot of success. The subject ends up taking several waves to the head and goes tumbling into the water time after time. Of course, most SUP surfers can relate to a session that we’d much rather forget. Learning to SUP surf takes time, persistence and dedication; but we promise the journey is worth it.


Wipeouts: SUP Surfing Gone Wrong

Watch: SUPsquatch surfing wipeouts.

People vs. Paddleboards: Three Minutes of Misery.