The Standup World Series wrapped up its five-leg European Cup series with the the European Championships in Rome this weekend. There were a lot of races and a lot of competitors. Below we break down the high points of the final event from last weeekend in Rome.

What You Need To Know
Zane Schweitzer won the five-event European Cup without even competing at the final event. The Cup standings were determined by counting each athlete’s top three finishes and Schweitzer won three events outright. Good on him.

Casper Steinfath took the European Championship overall title in Rome, giving the Danish Viking a second-place finish in the European Cup standings. He finished second in the long-distance race (footage above) and first in the sprints.

South Africa’s Dylan Frick took the long distance win, looking comfortable in the 20 knot breezes that greeted the racers on the final day of the event. His seventh place in the sprints gave him a third-place at the final European event.

Australian Jake Jensen also had a strong event, finishing third in both the sprint and the distance race for a second-place overall finish, and giving him a third-place finish on the European leg.

On the women’s side, Spanish paddler Laura Quetglas ruled the weekend winning the sprints and the long distance to take the overall win. The finish gave her the second-place slot in the European cup.

Another Spaniard, Susak Molinero, took second in the both the sprints and distance for a solid second place.

German Noelani Sach came away with two third places on the final weekend of the European Cup to take the championship for the five-leg tour.

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