Zane Schweitzer and Brennan Rose | River SUP Drone Session

Ocean athletes Zane Shweitzer and Brennan Rose recently ventured across the Pacific from their homes in Hawaii to test their skills in the rapids of Idaho at the Payette River Games. They took along Zane’s brother, Matty, who’s a talented photographer/videographer that packs a drone in his arsenal.

Outside of the competition at Kelly’s Whitewater Park, the trio took to the river for this SUP session, where Matty filmed from the sky whilst his brother and buddy drew lines through the rapids. Gotta say—we’re not recommending Zane and Brennan quit their day jobs as professional SUP surfers to pursue careers on the river—but we are stoked to see them expanding their repertoire as paddlers. And, we’re hoping for an invite next time this crew hits the river.

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