Zane Schweitzer’s “Deep Blue” Day on Maui

There is little debate when it comes to pro paddler Zane Schweitzer’s ability on the water. The multi-sport athlete is a force to be reckoned with on anything from windsurfing to standup paddling. In addition to recently winning the 2017 Ultimate Waterman–a nine-day, eight-discipline event–for the second year in a row, Schweitzer also recently spent some time tapping into his Hawaiian roots.

In this video, the Maui local spends a day paddling and exploring the language, knowledge and cultural wisdom of ancient Hawaii. This includes practicing a sustainable lifestyle that is healthy for both the environment and the individual. It’s all part of Starboard’s new environmental initiative called Blue, for which Schweitzer is a key ambassador.

As part of their new environmental push, Starboard is using a cutting-edge plant-based epoxy to make their new fleet of boards. In addition, they are also planting a mangrove for each board they sell and partnering with several eco-minded organizations as part of an effort to eliminate their CO2 footprint and become a truly sustainable brand.

So check out this video and learn more about Hawaiian culture and the importance of sustainability.


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